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  • Currently a freelance journalist who is known for writing about health and science.
  • Regularly writes for The New York Times, Washington Post, and Scientific American.
  • A Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT (2008-09) and an adjunct professor of journalism at Harvard’s Extension School.
Trilobites: A Rare Bird Indeed: Half Male, Half Female

Feb 9

In a backyard in Erie, Pa., an unusual cardinal has appeared, displaying both male and female traits. Scientists say it may be a so-called gynandromorph.

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Trilobites: Beaked Whales Are the Deepest Divers

Feb 7

Cuvier’s beaked whales off Cape Hatteras dive farther and stay underwater longer than any other marine mammal.

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Trilobites: 3 Newborn Endangered Right Whales Seen After Year With No Births

Jan 22

The sighting this winter of newborn whales off the coasts of Florida and Georgia is being greeted with mild optimism, as the North Atlantic population has dwindled.

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Puritan Tiger Beetles, ‘Vicious Predators,’ May Soon Hunt Again

Dec 4

The beetles are New England’s most endangered species. Now scientists have begun an unlikely effort to return them to the banks of the Connecticut River.

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A Conversation With: Steven Pinker Thinks the Future Is Looking Bright

Nov 20

Steven Pinker, a cognitive psychologist at Harvard University, maintains that by objective measures the world is heading in the right direction.

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Trilobites: Male Insect Fertility Plummets After Heat Waves

Nov 13

A simulated heat wave in a lab caused sperm production in a type of beetle to drop by half, and a second heat wave nearly sterilized them.

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Trilobites: The Wildebeest Is One Highly Toned Machine

Oct 24

Wildebeest in the Khama Rhino Sanctuary in Serowe, Botswana. The hardy animals have highly efficient muscles that allow them to walk dozens of miles for days without drinking water.

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Trilobites: Elephant Tusk DNA Helps Track Ivory Poachers

Sep 19

Researchers are examining the genetic data in seized elephant ivory to trace it back to the animals’ homelands and connect it to global trafficking crimes.

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Trilobites: Just a Few Pieces of Plastic Can Kill Sea Turtles

Sep 13

A green sea turtle off the eastern coast of Australia. Researchers estimate that more than half of all sea turtles have ingested plastic debris.

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A Battle Plan for a War on Rare Diseases

Sep 10

Dr. Matthew Might is developing a strategy for people seeking treatments for little-known ailments.

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Trilobites: Hundreds of Seals Are Dying on the New England Coast

Sep 7

From left, Sarah Demelo, Jennifer Thorne and Erinn Hasselgrinn, volunteers at the New England Aquarium, preparing to collect the carcass of an adult harbor seal for a necropsy.

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Trilobites: Giraffe Parts Sales Are Booming in the U.S., and It’s Legal

Aug 23

Giraffe products for sale captured by a Humane Society investigation include, clockwise from top left, a giraffe leather Bible cover, a skull, a hide for making custom shoes or clothes in a New York tailor’s shop, and feet and ankles.

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Trilobites: Ancient Burial Pits Reveal Sophisticated Rituals

Aug 20

Stone pendants and earrings recovered from the Lothagam North Pillar Site in Kenya, which is about 5,300 years old. It was used as a burial site for about 700 years. Then, abruptly and mysteriously, the burials stopped.

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How Karate Helped an Aging Expert Age Better

Aug 16

The ancient Greek karate style known as pankration offers time-tested lessons on aging well.

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Trilobites: Worker Ants: You Could Have Been Queens

Jul 26

Whether an ant becomes a worker or colony royalty may depend on insulin metabolism.

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Trilobites: White Clover Can Be an Annoying Weed. It May Also Hold Secrets to Urban Evolution.

Jul 20

The ubiquitous plant alters its defense systems in a tougher environment, prompting researchers to call it a perfect test species for study as urban areas expand.

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Doctor, Your Patient Is Waiting. It’s a Red Panda.

Jun 29

Medical students at Harvard take part in an elective with veterinarians, learning about diseases and treatments between animals and humans.

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Extinct Gibbon Found in Tomb of Ancient Chinese Emperor's Grandmother - New York Times

Jun 21

New York Times Extinct Gibbon Found in Tomb of Ancient Chinese Emperor's Grandmother New York Times British researchers have identified a gibbon found in an ancient Chinese tomb as a never-before seen, now-extinct genus and species. Samuel Turvey, a conservat…

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Using Medicine and Science to Improve the Quality of Life

May 24

Medical and scientific breakthroughs, some with ethical concerns, are being used to help people.

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Trilobites: Humpback Whale Baby Boom Near Antarctica

May 1

Pregnancy rates in the southern oceans are high, according to a study that showed the species is rebounding, a rare piece of good news for whales.

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