Cade Metz

The New York Times


  • Currently is a technology correspondent with The New York Times, covering artificial intelligence, driverless cars, robotics, virtual reality, and other emerging areas
  • Previously, he was a senior staff writer with Wired magazine
  • He recently signed with Penguin Dutton in the United States and Random House in the United Kingdom to write a non-fiction narrative about the tiny clan of A.I visionaries who are rapidly changing our world.
A.I. Shows Promise as a Physician Assistant

Feb 11

Doctors competed against A.I. computers to recognize illnesses on magnetic resonance images of a human brain during a competition in Beijing last year. The human doctors lost.

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A.I. Shows Promise as a Physician Assistant

Feb 11

A neural network analyzed the medical records of 600,000 hospital patients in China, and diagnosed their conditions as accurately as doctors did in some cases.

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Trump to Sign Executive Order Promoting Artificial Intelligence

Feb 11

But the order does not set aside additional funds for A.I. development, and officials provided few details on how it will track the progress of its new policies.

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Making New Drugs With a Dose of Artificial Intelligence

Feb 5

Researchers at DeepMind, owned by Google’s parent company, and other companies are applying their powerful A.I. systems to drug discovery research.

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‘Businesses Will Not Be Able to Hide’: Spy Satellites May Give Edge From Above

Jan 24

With 2,200 observation satellites going into orbit in the next decade, start-ups are trying to use them to churn out financially useful information that could help companies track their rivals.

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Curbs on A.I. Exports? Silicon Valley Fears Losing Its Edge

Jan 1

The Commerce Department is considering national security restrictions on artificial intelligence. Some worry they could stunt the industry in the U.S.

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A Toaster on Wheels to Deliver Groceries? Self-Driving Tech Tests Practical Uses

Dec 18

With driverless passenger services slow to become realities, the autonomous industry is casting about for ways to profitably use its technology.

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Amazon’s Homegrown Chips Threaten Silicon Valley Giant Intel

Dec 10

The retailer is now making its own server chips. It’s the latest sign that big internet outfits are willing to cut out longtime suppliers.

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Race Is On to Protect Data From Next Leap in Computers. And China Has the Lead.

Dec 4

China is investing in quantum encryption that could be far tougher to crack than today’s security methods. Now the United States is trying to catch up.

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11 Things We’d Really Like to Know: How Will We Outsmart A.I. Liars?

Nov 20

For better and worse, humans are only improving their ability to deceive themselves with technology.

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Finally, a Machine That Can Finish Your Sentence

Nov 18

Completing someone else’s thought is not an easy trick for A.I. But new systems are starting to crack the code of natural language.

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The Next Big One? Earthquake Scientists Look to A.I.

Oct 26

Scientists have a miserable record of predicting where and when earthquakes will strike. Some are now turning to artificial intelligence for answers.

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Efforts to Acknowledge the Risks of New A.I. Technology

Oct 22

A group called the Future of Computing Academy wants scientists to explain both the good and the bad potential of their research.

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Jeff Hawkins Is Finally Ready to Explain His Brain Research

Oct 14

He created the mobile computing companies Palm and Handspring. But for decades his passion has been studying how the human brain works.

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Bits: The Week in Tech: The Robots Aren’t as Human as They Seem

Sep 28

A SpotMini robot, which Boston Dynamics plans to start selling in the coming year, at a robotics conference in Boston.

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These Robots Run, Dance and Flip. But Are They a Business?

Sep 22

Boston Dynamics often makes a splash with videos of its anthropomorphic robots. But after years of work, it is not clear who would buy them or what they would be used for.

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Parts of a ‘Virtual’ Border Wall, Built With the Tech Behind Driverless Cars

Sep 18

In a rural Texas county, lidar sensor technology is being tested as a way to spot illegal intruders from Mexico. That use could divide workers in Silicon Valley.

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Silicon Valley Takes Another Step Toward Autonomous Flying

Aug 28

A new flying ambulance service will use small helicopters outfitted with tech that could eventually let them fly without pilots.

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Artificial Intelligence Is Now a Pentagon Priority. Will Silicon Valley Help?

Aug 26

The Defense Department, believing that A.I. research should be a national priority, has called on the White House to “inspire a whole of country effort.”

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Silicon Valley’s Giants Take Their Talent Hunt to Cambridge

Jul 3

A boom in artificial intelligence research has drawn the tech industry’s biggest companies and their checkbooks to the storied English city.

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