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A Netflix for video games? Why a longtime dream is closer than ever to coming true.

Jan 28

As companies from Microsoft to Verizon explore cloud-based gaming, players and businesses alike are nearing the achievement of a longtime dream.

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Comcast’s new streaming service, rivaling Netflix, is all about the ads

Jan 23

An ad-supported service could make Comcast's other businesses even bigger.

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Netflix: Fortnite is a bigger rival than HBO

Jan 18

The streaming service is ratcheting up its ambition, aiming beyond video.

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The shutdown is steadily devouring U.S. government websites

Jan 17

There's nobody home to renew their security certificates, researchers say.

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A major bug in Fortnite gave hackers access to millions of player accounts, researchers say

Jan 16

You might want to double-check your credit card statements.

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Ford and Volkswagen are about to make cars for each other

Jan 15

The alliance will also see the automakers pondering further collaboration in electric and self-driving cars.

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Spectrum TV’s blackout ends as Charter and Tribune reach new agreement

Jan 11

The nine-day blackout took down live sports and broadcast programming at the start of a busy TV season.

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T-Mobile switches on spam call protections for some cellphone users

Jan 10

The new protocols, known as SHAKEN and STIR, are part of an effort across the industry to stem the flow of unwanted calls.

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AT&T is being criticized for upgrading its phones to ‘fake’ 5G. Now T-Mobile is piling on.

Jan 8

The jab is the latest salvo in a marketing war over the future of mobile data.

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Pelosi tamps down talk of impeachment

Jan 6

As the House speaker negotiates over the government shutdown, a remark by a freshman congresswoman has stoked a communications crisis within her own party.

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The app-store war between Netflix and Apple is heating up

Jan 4

A growing crop of companies are bypassing big app stores, costing Apple and Google millions.

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Millions of Charter cable TV subscribers lose access to local stations

Jan 2

The blackout affects 33 broadcast stations in dozens of U.S. markets.

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These are the 2019 court fights that will decide the future of net neutrality

Jan 2

Although the Federal Communications Commission has nixed its rules governing the conduct of Internet providers, states, Internet activists and other supporters of the Obama-era regulations are challenging that move in the courts, statehouses and among the pub…

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Verizon TV customers suffer blackout of key channels days before the NFL playoffs and SEC college championship games

Jan 1

CBS can't be seen by Verizon customers in the Washington area. The outage also affects viewers in Norfolk, Va. and Buffalo, NY.

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A nationwide CenturyLink outage is disrupting 911, and the FCC is investigating

Dec 28

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has called the service issue "unacceptable."

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The shutdown is about to force the FTC to suspend its Facebook investigation, former officials say

Dec 28

The agency's shutdown plan calls for suspending virtually all investigations and litigation.

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Massive media company disputes could keep millions of TV viewers from watching football playoffs

Dec 27

A breakdown in contract negotiations could lead to widespread blackouts, the companies warn.

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2018 was the year of 5G hype. The 5G reality is yet to come.

Dec 21

Analysts say the first 5G-capable smartphones won’t even arrive on the market until next year at the earliest.

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Charter is returning $62.5 million to New Yorkers over slow Internet speeds in what regulators call the biggest ISP refund ever

Dec 18

The New York attorney general's office, which brought the suit, said Charter will pay $62.5 million directly to customers.

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U.S. targets alleged Iranian ransomware plot, indicting two men and sanctioning bitcoin addresses for the first time

Nov 28

The indictment addressing "21st century digital blackmail" is the first of its kind, the Justice Department said.

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